Time is Precious with the Expensive Jean Dunand Watches


The Jean Dunand brand of watches is not only one of the most expensive brand of watches, but worldwide it is considered to be the most precious accessory for the ones who love their watches. The Shabaka Jean Dunand Watches, launched in 2007 is one of the masterpieces by Jean Dunand which has impressed and intrigued the art lovers equally as it reflected the intricacies of Egyptian art form.

The dial of the watch is quite unique as instead of the usual discs it displays four rollers shaped cylindrically. This watch is one of the coolest accessories for you to own and people will surely drool at your watch. One of the specialties of this watch is the presence of a minute repeater function which changes into a perpetual calendar at a cathedral gong.

This watch is a true representation of intricate craftsmanship and the various special features adds to its worth. You can not only find out about the present year in the watch but also about the various indications related to moon phases. The attractive part about this watch is the using of 54 jewels in the making of this watch.

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