“Th.J” 1787 Chateau Lafitte – Vintage Bordeaux

Do you really like to know about vintage wine? You can enjoy the most sophisticated alcoholic drink by tasting a vintage wine. A bottle of “Th.J” 1787 Chateau Lafitte will cost you whopping $160,000. It was sold at an auction in Christie’s London. It is one of the most expensive wine bottles. Reportedly, this bottle was found at the former US President Thomas Jefferson’s cellar and his initials ‘Th.J’ had been embossed on the bottle.

An American business tycoon Bill Koch was that famous buyer of these bottles. The well known initials on the bottle have increased the price of this vintage Bordeaux. As the best quality Bordeaux does not lasts more than 50 years, this 200 year old vintage wine cannot be consumed any more. People are opting for these bottles as a piece of Jefferson memorabilia. You can get to see the bottles in the Forbes Collection in New York.

Via: Most-expensive.com

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