This Isn’t Your Pappy’s RV: Beaver Motor Coaches 2006 Marquis

Sculptured carpeting. Roman window shades. Cherry cabinets with Burl inlays. This isn’t the interior of a luxury home, well, not really anyway. It’s the 2006 Marquis, a luxury RV model from Beaver Motor Coaches.

The RV has long been the retiree’s dream, but if you’re going to go RV, you may as well go all the way. In the 2006 Marquis you have everything you need, and all of it top of the line from the granite countertops to the 30-inch LCD TV. You can customize a Marquis with a whole array of different exterior colors with matching interior color schemes. Aside from the interior comfort, the Marquis also comes with some high-tech safety equipment, like the Eaton VORAD collision-avoidance system. It scans around the vehicle with radar and alerts the driver that he or she may need to take evasive action to avoid an accident.

Traveling in an RV isn’t like it used to be. There are luxury RV resorts complete with yoga classes and Olympic-sized pools. The luxury RV market itself is the fastest-growing segment of the $12 billion per year RV industry. That includes all RVs from $200,000 to $1 million. The Marquis fits nicely in that range, starting at $500,000.

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