They’ll Take Manhattan: Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, New York

My wife and three of her girlfriends from California are in New York City today for the 2006 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Tomorrow, they’ll begin their 26-mile walk — 13 per day on Saturday and Sunday. Each of them has raised over $1,800 to fight cancer and fight a cure in their lifetimes.

In their pink t-shirts, they’ll join thousands of walkers through New York’s boroughs — and thousands more across the country who run a first-class fundraising operation. This year’s walk has reached its capacity and is closed.

But if you’re in NYC, you can watch the cancer survivors, their families and friends stroll by and cheer them on. And if you’re a Medical professional, Podiatrist, Massage Therapist or Chiropractor, you can join their specialty crew by calling 212-586-8720 or 800-510-WALK.

Last year, my wife and two friends (one a survivor from Seattle) took part in the San Francisco walk. Their months of training and the walk itself were such an uplifting experience, they decided to fly to Manhattan to see the city, have a girl’s week out, and be both inspired and awed by the experience. Crossing the finish line and being cheers by thousands of onlookers gives you goose bumps.

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