The World’s Scariest Travel Stories: A Real Scream, #4 in a Series

Sometimes, when you’re on the road, your life can be threatened in ways you never imagined.

More of my scariest travel moments:
Risking death by hitchhiking in Dunkirk, France: Landing in France at 1am after crossing the English Channel on a delayed ferry, my brother, two friends and I were picked up by an amiable chap in a van to take us to the train station. First, we didn’t know that he was absolutely way drunk. Two, we didn’t realize that while sitting in the back of his van, we were at the mercy of the lawn mower, hedge shears and other weapons of mass destruction rolling around back there. We politely excused ourselves and walked the rest of the way!

Eating the world’s worst pizza in Hamilton Island, Australia: The pizza was made of Velveeta Cheese. I kid you not. It actually tasted far worse than you could imagine. But in perspective, this happened on the day when I swam with a dolphin in the resort’s lottery, took a sea plane over the Whitsunday Island to the Great Barrier Reef with my wife, and snorkeled in the waters there. Unfortunately, we also saw the distraught wife of a German snorkeler who disappeared and most likely drowned because of a heart attack. So that was an awful experience that definitely bummed us out despite a great day. So while the pizza was inedible… it still wasn’t the worse thing that happened that day.

Care to comment? Let us hear your worse, scariest or funkiest travel story.

Stay tuned for more. And if you have a scary story to share, please comment below.

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