The World’s Scariest Travel Stories: A Real Scream, #3 in a Series

We’ve all had scary travel situations. We’ve been on planes that dropped thousands of feet or on boats that were sinking. But try this one on for size…

I was scuba diving in Belize at The Great Blue Hole, a famous underwater cavern that begins at about 100 feet. After spending 12 minutes there, we ascended and I noticed my air was low. I actually ran out of air while decompressing. Fortunately, my dive buddy let me share his air and I made it out alive.

This may seem scary. But the day before, my rented dive vest’s automatic inflator froze in the “on” position and I shot to the surface, risking the bends. I had no symptoms and lived to dive the next day, when I ran out of air. The first day was scarier than the second. And yet, I still dive.

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