The Vacation Spot of Royalty – Tbilisi, Georgia

When considering where to travel in the Black Sea region, Tbilisi, Georgia is one of the premier places to visit. In Tbilisi you get European type luxuries without paying outrageous European prices. This city has been the vacation spots for many royals in Europe and the luxuries provided by the town are innumerable.

Tbilisi has a plethora of restaurants for you to dine at. After a traditional Georgian meal, you can experience the charm and luxury of the city.

Authentic Georgian Cuisine

If you are looking for authentic Georgian food, the Phaeton is the first stop you need to make. This restaurant is a favorite of the local citizens and is highly rated by all rating agencies. Phaeton is designed to look like a normal Georgian home and definitely gives that feel and atmosphere. The portions of the highly rated food are huge, and the entertainment value is just as large. With live bands and other entertainment, this restaurant, while not luxurious looking on the outside, has all the luxuries of a high-quality restaurant found in the United States.

Another traditional Georgian restaurant is the Alani. Here you will get a very festive atmosphere that also includes live music. It is highly recommended by the New York Times, and is referred to as “the Ossetian restaurant” to visit while in Georgia.

The wine in Tbilisi is world-renowned and is served all over the globe. It has a distinct sweet, but not overwhelming taste that many American wine connoisseurs will appreciate. In fact, many say that Georgian wine is better than American wine.


Though the city has been marred by war between Georgia and Russia, the charm of the city has not been lost. With its narrow cobblestone streets, Tbilisi has a very European feel. Even New York’s exclusive Madison Avenue is beginning to integrate itself into the city, as many luxurious boutiques are beginning to line the streets of Tbilisi.

Rustaveli Theatre, Tblisi Georgia

As in many European cities, the main attractions of Tbilisi are the huge cathedrals that dominate the skyline of the town. The Metekhi and Sioni Cathedrals are highly rated places to visit because of the beautiful architecture and stained glass windows.
Tbilisi is also the home of numerous high quality art galleries where authentic Georgian art can be purchased. The premier place to visit is the Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts. If the theatre is your preferred medium for art, there are also nine locations for you to take in performances of all types, including the Tbilisi Opera House – the premier Opera in the country.
To get a sense of history of the area, the Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi Historical Museum gives a great overview of Georgian history.
To become totally immersed in Georgian culture, one should visit the Abanotubani, or the Bath District of Tbilisi. This area is a large public city bath/sauna where visitors can take a shower and then relax in the sauna. This allows for an American day spa experience with the Georgian’s twist on massages at the end of the day. Very similar to hard massages, you be a little sore immediately after your Georgian massage, however you will feel refreshed soon after and ready to experience more of Tbilisi.

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