The US & UK’s Hottest Spa: Bliss World

On their beautifully designed Website, BlissWorld boldly says “Anything less would be stress.” Now in San Francisco (W Hotel), New York (Soho, Lex & 49th, plus 57th Street), and London, and soon to open in select W Hotels in Los Angeles (Westwood) and Chicago (Lakeshore), Bliss has gobs of style, great design, superior branding, and a wicked sense of humour (their UK page says, “God Save The Preen.”)

Each luxurious, tension-fighting facility boasts 4-5,000 square feet. There is a lenghty menu of upscale services for its clientele of moms, brides, working women, celebrities, supermodels and metrosexuals (men’s locker rooms are available only in their Bliss SF, Bliss Soho and Bliss 49 New York spas.) Plus, all can enjoy brownies, X-boxes, digital lockers, wine, cheese and beer.

Launched in 2001 in London, this award-winning spa is famous for its Triple Oxygen Facials, a quickbliss nail bar, multi-purpose spa treatments, fresh fruit smoothies, even round-the-clock screenings of “Sex In The City.”

Make appointments: New York 212 219 8970; San Francisco 415 281 0990; London 020 7584 3888.
Find out more: BlissWorld

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