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I always give extra bonus points for a restaurant that has the care, ambition, and talent to change their menu daily. Few can pull it off with the level of success that Chef/Owner Ethan Stowell manages to, at his Union restaurant. With some of the world’s best produce available just steps away at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Stowell takes full advantage of this culinary mecca to offer some truly unique offerings.

The multi-level space is quite comfy, painted in warm soothing tones, with high ceilings, and it’s one of the few restos left where you can actually hear what your dining partner has to say, so better make sure you are dining with someone interesting. The service simply shone….friendly, knowledgeable yet unobtrusive. When asked, our waiter made some excellent suggestions, such as the grilled octopus salad that was deliciously chewy, tart and smoky. Other faves were the flavorful lamb sausages, the delicate duck prosciutto, and the toothsome orrchietta topped with fresh grilled sardines. I wasn’t a fan of the rather mundane lemon cake but highly recommend going the cheese route for dessert. Each selection comes with it’s own fruity conserve that would be perfect with a sip of port.

Union Restaurant
1400 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 838-8000

Posted by Janice Nieder on May 16, 2008 in Food

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  1. Shawn Underwood
    Shawn Underwood says:

    Hey Janice,
    It looks like you do as much traveling as I do? I have been to Union as I live in Seattle but what I want to know is? Did you love the Trisara resort in Phuket and would you take teenagers there? We are thinking of going on another safari next xmas but this resort sounds great too.

  2. Janice Nieder
    Janice Nieder says:

    Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip last minute to Phuket…sob. I was there about 15 years ago and loved it, and I did so want to try their massages. If you haven’t been to Thailand yet there is tons for teens to do there and some very cool nabes filled with “hippy” clothes and gear that they would love.
    \Where’s some of your fave spots?

  3. Shawn Underwood
    Shawn Underwood says:

    We scuba dive a lot. . . so my favorite places revolve around this usually. Anyway, The Maldives is my very favorite, Four Seasons there has a 2 die for spa also. We just returned from the Phillipines, believe the place was called Amanpura, I don’t know, it was one of the Aman resorts, which by the way are fab.


    And, yes, we are thinking about Thailand.

  4. Janice Nieder
    Janice Nieder says:

    I’ve never been to the Phillipines..other than the scuba diving did u like? I agree…never been to an Aman that I haven’t adored. I’m not a sxuba-er–just snorkle. But loved Cairns for this…have u been there?

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