The Most Expensive Pancake in the World


Have you heard of the most expensive pancake in the entire world? In the U.S. it is very common for many people to get their Shrove Tuesday pancakes from IHOP. However in England, particularly in Manchester, there is a restaurant known as Opus in the Printworks. It has acquired quite an amount of fame because it is responsible for the creation of the most expensive pancake in the world for the occasion of Fat Tuesday.The extravagant banquet cost about £144.

The pancake has been able to beat the record of Earlsdon Cottage of 2007 that was offer. The margin is £49. According to The Manchester Evening News, the pancake uses delicious flavors of the Madagascan vanilla pods and also enjoys a sprinkled dose of edible gold leaf. This pancake is served to you jelly made by using Dom Perignon champagne and organic strawberries. It surely sounds like a real treat.


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