The Keys to The Future :: Culluon Laserkey CL900BT

This has a “Wow” factor that its competitors can only dream about. The Celluon Laserkey CL800BT is tomorrow’s luxury technology today.

It projects a bright, clear and roomy keyboard via laser onto your desk and works with a couple of PDAs. Cost is about $200, But if you want to knock a client’s socks off with a presentation, set this up and watch their eyes widen.

Light source — Red laser diode
Keyboard layout — 17mm sized QWERTY layout
Keyboard size — Approx. 240mm x 105mm
Keyboard position — Approx. 100mm from keyboard device
Projection surface — Non-reflective, opaque flat surface
Visibility — Visible in 1000-5000 lux ambient light

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