The Iceman Buildeth: Ice Hotel, Zugspitze, Germany

Some like it hot. And some like it cold. If you fall into the latter category, a new ice hotel is being constructed 7,000 feet up into the German Alps. The 50-bed igloo village should be ready in a few weeks and will offer thermal sleeping bags, sheepskin, camping mats and ice sculptures.

Call me a woos, but I’d rather be warm and cozy when traveling to an icy atmosphere — with a fireplace, wool socks, long johns, and other accoutrements to warmth.

[Via Hotel Chatter]

Posted by Gil Zeimer on December 17, 2005 in Travel

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  1. sara rahbar
    sara rahbar says:

    Do you know how to get there from Garmisch, Partenkirchen? Can you take a cable car up to get there?

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