The Historical Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly


Snuggling in the heart of the enthralling Chantilly Forest, the Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly takes you on a voyage through ages of history. Situated just 35 minutes from Paris, this outstandingly gorgeous palace is a natural retreat, offering the perfect space to relax.

Conventional French console. The trip through history continues within the guest-rooms. The interior of the Hotel is in the traditional French style and adds a lot to the hotel’s tradition and nature. The comfort is excellent and the ambience is fashioned through great concentration to detail, thus providing the building its sumptuousness. The lavishness of the Hotel is visible in the royal suites and various other rooms

L’Opéra Restaurant, history with a very extraordinary constituent is placed in the Opera room, the antique ballroom dedicated to music and theatre. Stylish and pioneering, the menu mirrors the uniqueness of the setting, where the decoration is to revitalize the delight of the château history.

Stradivarius, a break next to the forest, housed in the castle’s novel smokehouse, the Stradivarius bar is the ideal place to unwind. With its enormous collection of old books, you will get a strong feeling of living in the place of history.


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