The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express – Luxurious Way to Travel Across Russia


The Trans-Siberian Railway that is spread across Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok, was initially approved by Czar Alexander II in the late 19th Century. You can use it as a mode of transportation for trip across the country. It took just seven days to complete the trip. It is also the route for the most expensive train ride in the world.

In April 2007, The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express was unveiled by Britain’s Prince Michael of Kent. The Gold Class cabins of these trains are entirely furnished with power showers, LCD screens, and individual air conditioning and under floor heating while the expert chefs in the restaurant cars prepare the finest local cuisine. The Golden Eagle takes its super rich travelers and other tourists almost 6,000 miles in 15 days, with frequent stops for day trips.

You need to pay almost $22,195 in the most expensive train ride of the world for a single room or $15,795 per person for a twin cabin.


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  1. Please see our detailed review of this train to find out why it’s one of our World’s Top 25 Trains as decided by the owners, staff and editors of The International Railway Traveler. ( It’s the best way to see Siberia, and it’s one of the world’s iconic train trips.
    Eleanor Flagler Hardy
    The Society of International Railway Travelers

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