The Farm at Cape Kidnappers transports you to the paradise of tranquility


The nefarious name of The Farm at Cape Kidnappers is justified because the lodge really steals the mind of the guests and fills their hearts with the essence of paradise where the guests can play with the cattle and can enjoy life in the surrounding farmyard while getting pampered with exotic luxury and experiencing all modern amenities. The lodge is located on over 6000 acres of pasture land in the North Island of the beautiful Hawke Bay in New Zealand. Cape Kidnappers is a geographical icon that offers salient views of the vast blue Pacific Ocean from every cottage of the lodge. The Owner’s Cottage is the most gorgeous and exclusive of all with four deluxe bedrooms with attached balconies to view the unsurpassed beauty of nature. The spa treatments are offered in three rooms with glorious and breathtaking views of the snow-capped Mount Ruapehu bounded by the pine forest and sea. It offers you a perfect relaxation in the midst of the tranquil atmosphere.


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