The Exclusive Evitavonni’s Ying & Yang Kitchen By Stefan Price


Women have a very close relation with her kitchen and they simply love redecorating to their kitchen. Some likes to give it a traditional touch whereas some goes for the stylish contemporary look. If you are an avid lover of high-end products and want to beautify your kitchen, then have a look at Evitavonni’s Ying & Yang kitchen by Stefan Price.

Based on symbol and derivations of the Ying and Yang icon, the kitchen is deliberated around the idea of two contradictions that fuse to make a whole. Here the two opposites are based around hot and cold; the hob and cooking parts denote heat and a certain degree of watchfulness, while the opposite side denotes serenity with the sink and cooling appliances. Representing the dots on the symbol, the circular hob and sink both have a matching diameter of 52cm, echoing the curvaceous shapes; the Elica Star Extractor fan dangled over was chosen for its circular shape and extravagant design.

Using only the chief quality materials and incorporating appliances that were built to execute, the Ying & Yang Kitchen is truly exclusive. With a two-meter diameter, the kitchen is exclusively planned to house standard 600mm appliances in both halves. Artistically designed to make the chimera that it is floating off the floor, the supporting parts of the units are set far back from the exterior edge. Giving a superior purity of color as well as representing at least equal qualities to granite, 150mm Okite worktops were chosen to harmonize the Wenge wood of the units. Maintaining the functional needs of the kitchen, soft closing doors and ample storage are also built in as standard. This masterpiece retails for £102,577 ($201,000 approx)


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