The Early Bird Gets The Bonus: Eurail Pass

If you’re planning a European vacation this spring or summer, we strongly advise that you purchase your Eurail Early Bird Pass by the end of March.

When you do, you’ll receive one free travel day. So book a 6-, 8- or 10-day Eurail Selectpass and you’ll travel for up to six months from the date of purchase. Also, check out the Eurail Early Bird Saverpass and the Eurail Early Bird Youthpass.

Plus, you can take advantage of these special savings:
• Access to InterCity trains (IC), EuroCity trains (EC) and German high speed train (ICE).
• A 50% reduction on the ferries of ‘Stena Line’ between Frederikshavn and Göteborg (Sweden).
• Geneva Med TGV and Thalys (when whole journey is covered).
• Special Passholder fares for: Eurostar, Artesia, AVE, Elipsos, Talgo 200, France–Geneva TGV, France–Switzerland TGV, France Italy Night, Bruxelles–France TGV, Paris–Berlin/Hamburg Night, Swedish Trains: Linx, X2000 (between Stockholm and Copenhagen when Sweden and Denmark are included), Lusitania, Berlin-Warsaw-Express.


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