The Chocolate Lovers’ Chocolate: Recchiuti Confections, San Francisco

“Making chocolate is a wonderful alchemy of temperature, ingredients, patience and sometimes Luck, says Michael Recchiuti, founder of Recchiuti Confections. “It’s about inspiration and practice, practice, practice.

“I love chocolate,” he continues. “I delight in the perfect snap of a fine chocolate bar, in the tobacco notes of a rate varietal and the sheen of a gorgeously enrobed confection.”

His company created incredibly delicious boxed chocolates of 8 pieces for $18 (the one I just finished eating) to a 5.6-lb. box for $195, as well as Chocolate Bars, Sauces, Specialty Confections, Gift Boxes, Special Occasion treats, and more. Michael is also the author of Chocolate Obsession: Confections and Treats to Create and Savor.

Browse their online selection or visit their store.
A: One Ferry Building Marketplace, Shop #30, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94111.
T: 415.834.9494.

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