The 7 Question Interview – Chef Derek France- The Drafting Table – Atlanta, GA

A huge thank you to Chef France for taking the time to answer our questions. He is the head chef at a a relatively new gastropub in Atlanta. Well worth a visit. He also matched 3 out of 5 of my favorite ingredients (I would of left out the ginger and duck).

What is your earliest memory of loving food?
I was about 6 and on vacation with my Grandparents in Tuscaloosa Alabama. The family went to a steak house called Bull Frogs. They didn’t have a kids menu and the smallest steak available was I believe 12oz. The waitress brought the whole table (about six of us including me) the 12oz steak, one for each of us with house cut steak fries. I ate the entire steak. I have never had a steak that tender and flavorful since. Needless to say my 6 year old stomach was way to full and I remember saying “food will kill you” because I ate way to much but it was like steak flavored butter. From that point on I had a love for steak and as I matured so did my passion for food.

What was the first dish you perfected?
Spinach stuffed Chicken with Smokey Bacon Alfrado Fettuccine

If you could only choose five(5) ingredients to cook with for one month what would they be?
Ginger, Bacon, Cilantro, Bok Choy, Duck

What is your favorite breakfast?
French Toast, House Potatoes, Turkey Sausage and Eggs

Name three(3) people you would love to have cook for you?
-My Mom (she passed when I was two)
-My Dad (he passed last year)
-My daughter, just to see her in the kitchen

What is the most important decision you have ever made?
I was a athlete most of my life and studied Physical Therapy at Florida A&M as a sports trainer but couldn’t make the grades that were needed and after feeding my college friends time after time they convinced me to move to Atlanta and pursue a culinary career and here I am 25 years later.

If you had one meal left on this earth, what would it be and who would you enjoy it with?
My daughter (Skyler S.W. France) is why I stay focused and food is my focus so I would have my last meal with her.

If you are in the Atlanta area make sure you stop by this Gastropub and say hello to Chef Bruce.

349 Decatur Street, Atlanta, GA
t 404 343 2821

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