Stop That Wine!

All you singles and moderate drinkers – don’t waste that wine! There is no sacrilege like leaving a half-consumed bottle of wine exposed to the elements. You know it will not taste the same tomorrow. Why not enjoy it till the last drop? I don’t mean drink it all in one go, although that is certainly a possibility. There is another option. Go our right now and get the best tool for your one-glass-at-a-time wine cellar: a vacuum pump and stopper. They came in different varieties and prices…don’t skimp. I started with the cheaper imitation, which quickly found its way to bottom drawer. There are many high-quality variations but I upgraded to original: the Vacuvin. The pump removes the air from the bottle and the rubber stopper allows the wine to retain its bouquet and aroma for days. Brilliant. It also makes a perfect stocking stuffer or wedding shower gift.

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