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We’ve all heard of the slow boat to China. Here’s a Culinary Canal Cruise offered by my friend Chef Tom Herndon to the South of France from October 2-11. If fine wine, wonderful food, and warm fall breezes weren’t enough to entice you, he’s also offering a five-night extension for a Taste of Paris from October 11-16.

Chef Tom tells me this outstanding opportunity is selling quickly, so he only has room for three more couples aboard the barge. If you want a fast-paced trip to Europe, this isn’t it. But if you want to sit on the deck of a slow, lazy, leisurely moving boat drifting through the beautiful canals of the South of France, sipping good wine, laughing with friends, and taking in the incredible French countryside as it all slowly….drifts…by, you should sign up today before it’s too late.

During the week, and at your leisure, Chef tom can take you a meandering bicycle ride through a sleepy village, stop at a local charcuterie, buy freshly baked croissants, shop for antique kitchen gadgets, enjoy a lovely dinner at a local brasserie. learn some French cooking techniques, and sleep soundly knowing that after this magical adventure, you’ll soon be in Paris!

The Canal du Midi opened in 1681 to serve as a thoroughfare between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and along its route many villages and fortresses grew. Today it remains a stunning work of engineering, with much of its ornate stonework still intact. Its tree-lined banks are beautiful, particularly in the warm month of October.

Excursions through these villages and their markets, restaurants, and stores will be offered. Everything, however, will be optional – no pressure to maintain a timeline, hop on a bus, or rush through a museum. In fact, you’re encouraged to spend time on deck, and luxuriate in the slow pace of these beautiful boats

To support you in slowing down and savoring your experience, Chef Tom will lead everyone through simple meditations throughout the trip. These short, refreshing exercises will allow you to be fully present to the moment, for when present to what is, even the simple things in life are delicious.

Read more information and sign up at www.spiritandspice.com.

By Gil Zeimer, Vagablond Editor-in-Chief

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