Sushi Kaji – Authentic Japanese dishes for a gourmet dining experience


If diners are hungry enough and their wallet permits, then Japan’s Sushi Kaji is the perfect luxurious restaurant for diners to have a lavish meal. The restaurant focuses on maintaining their high quality of eateries and service to satisfy every diner’s taste, so it restricts itself to only 30 seats every evening. All the dishes here are the creation of this restaurant’s main chef, Mitsuhiro Kaji. This man believes that genuine Japanese cuisine is very delicious and sensuous, so this eating hub offers real Japanese dishes throughout the menu. For his kitchen, fresh fish is delivered from the bay area of the country and he prepares every item (including the garnishing of the dishes) in an authentic Japanese style. Sushi is the favorite, and he never compromises with quality. Here, the average expense for a mouth watering Japanese meal is $109 per head.


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