Squeeze The Day: Best Lemonade in D.C.

Some would search a sophisticated city for the best Lemon Drop, Cosmopolitan or Appletini. But when you’re traveling with your 11-year-old daughter to Washington, D.C. during the hot, muggy summer, you seek the tastiest lemonade that won’t make you pucker. It gives new meaning to my “favorite watering holes.” So, drum roll please, as Sara announces her favorites from our June trip…

Our overall rankings for lemonade: First Place – Bistro Med, Fine Mediterranean Cuisine, Georgetown; Second Place: Johnny’s Half Shell, Dupont Circle; Third Place: Old Ebbitt Grill, a block from the White House; and Honorable Mention: Bullfeathers of Capitol Hill.

Note: These reviews do not reflect the views of Vagablond management and are purely arbitrary.

2 Responses to Squeeze The Day: Best Lemonade in D.C.

  1. I think M&S Grill (from McCormick & Schmick’s) has great fresh sqeezed lemonade. It’s a little tart/sour, but sweet and refreshing.

  2. Gil Zeimer says:

    Asian Mistress:
    Thanks for the lemonade tip! I’ve tasted M&S’s lemonade at their San Francisco restaurant and it IS both tart and sweet. I’ll have to try the M&S Grill next time I’m in D.C.
    Best regards, Gil

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