Spend Your Weekend The Hawaiian Way


The excitement and pride of owning a private island exclusively to yourself is something like a dream come true. Most of us can only imagine this but owning such a precious possession is a possibility for very few. The Robinson family is actually living this dream with the possession of the Niihau Island located in Hawaii.

We all love the idea of owning a private island to facilitate picnics and parties in complete privacy and Niihau serves the purpose at its best. Niihau is also known as the ‘the forbidden island’. In Hawaii, Niihau is in fact, known as the smallest island, which is inhabited by minimum of 250 residents. Niihau spreads to 72 sq miles and features a rich collection of hotels, and restaurants.

Owning such a grand private island sounds more like a holiday of a lifetime and definitely adds to your pride when you arrange for a grand party for the entire family or only with friends who admire and envy you at the same time.

Via: luxuo.com

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