Fancy Schmancy: 32nd Winter Fancy Food Show, San Francisco

It’s that time again… the Big Event that separates the “I-LIVE-TO-EAT”-ers from the “Oh, I’d Love To Try That But I’d Burst if I Ate Another Bite”-ers.

The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade swoops in on our fair city (which is why you’ll find it impossible to get a reservation at a decent restaurant this week) every January and takes over BOTH sides of the Moscone Convention Center–almost 200,000 sq. ft of food! (The only way it could be better in Heaven is if calories work in reverse there.)

The show has 1,100 exhibitors, offering tastes of more than 180,000 specialty food products- each hoping to be picked up by the buyers of Whole Foods, WIlliams-Sonoma, or Dean & Deluca. Innovative food products from Sonoma to Vietnam, covering every category from appetizers to desserts are begging for your attention.05

The only bad news is that this extravaganza is for the Food Trade only — so if you do not work in the industry — you’re flat outta luck. But just think how many mindless hours on the treadmill I’ll be saving you. Stayed tuned for my report on the 2007 BEST NEW PRODUCTS SOON TO APPEAR ON YOUR SHELVES.

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