Soy To The World: L.A. Tofu Festival

Not only is soybean curd, AKA tofu, being celebrated in LA’s Little Tokyo next weekend, but it’s actually the 10th Annual 2005 Tofu Festival. Or, as the presenters like to call it… Tofuzilla, “When Giant Tofu Takes Over Little Tokyo.” And its roots go back even further as the 65th Annual Nisei Week Japanese Festival.

You can actually spend two whole days relishing in the versatility of soybean curd. Explore tofu’s deep roots in Asian cuisine. See how it’s gained acceptance around the world. Sample a range of foods from tofu tacos to tofu ice cream. Tap your feet to concerts by Gerald Albright (Saturday @ 8pm) and Ozomatli (Sunday @ 7pm). And if you love (tofu) hot dog eating contests, cheer for your favorite in the hands-free tofu eating contest.

2nd St. & South San Pedro Street, Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles.
Saturday, Aug. 13th, Noon – 10pm; Sunday, Aug. 14th, 11 am – 9pm.
10th Annual 2005 Tofu Festival.

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