South Florida’s Ultimate Casino :: The Seminole Hard Rock

Who could have known that the ancient Seminole Indians of Florida would contribute to such a fantastic entertainment destination which, upon entry into the grand lobby, awed and inspired so many into indulgence.

The Seminole Hard Rock complex is absolute extravagance. It boasts thousands of games, fifty live action poker tables, chic restaurants, boutique shops, incredible hotel suites, an awesome spa and a tropical lagoon swimming pool. It’s like Monte Carlo on crystal meth.

But has its legacy already been set as the now notorious place where Anna Nicole Smith drew her last breath?

I don’t think so. In fact, as history often reveals; time helps people to forget. The days surrounding her death were undoubtedly a circus.

However, I’ve shown up at the Seminole Hard Rock with some friends recently and the atmosphere was once again sizzlin’. Perhaps the Seminole ancestors weren’t summoned to heal Anna Nicole before her demise, but they have definitely nursed the casino which rests on their reservation in Hollywood Florida back to a sure and vibrant health.

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  1. I love this article. Ever since poor Anna Nicole died I’ve wanted to visit this hotel. I bet it’s really nice.

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