Sniff, Swirl and Spit and Learn From The Man:: Riedle

You’ve all heard about the difference the right wine glass makes in wine tasting but have you ever actually put it to the test? Or is it like using $150 wrinkle cream…can anyone really see a difference?

If you’re going to be in the Los Angeles area, Wednesday, March 11th, then you can put this theory to the test The Riedel family, the world’s leaders in forward thinking beverage glassware, feel that the glass is a tool, and with the proper glass, wine can be elevated.. with the wrong glass, wine can be negatively impacted…and we certainly don’t want that. This class will allow you to taste and see what you have been missing… and it is hosted by Mr. Riedel himself.

Plus it’s a SOOOPER deal…Valued at $129.00 person the class is now on sale for only $59 per person

The class includes:
– Seminar by Mr. Riedel (priceless experience)
– Great line up of quality wines
– A decanter seminar (learn how to use the great tools and when to use them)
– A set of Riedel wine glasses (complete 4 glass Vinum series set-which retail for over $100) – The option to purchase additional sets at a special price


When: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Where :The Loft #218
530 Molino #218
Los Angeles, California 90013
(310) 451-7600
For Tickets

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