Slip into the fairytale Ashford Castle to breathe the ancient essence


The northern shores of Lough Corrib bordering the West Coast of Ireland shelter this 13th century Ashford Castle, with its acres of beautifully maintained gardens and forests. Guests step into this ancient world and get an opportunity to explore the luxurious age old castle as well as the water bodies, and the private woodlands which have never been changed in hundreds of years. Guests are welcomed with Irish hospitality and sink into their overwhelming centuries-old love and care, which is a very rare experience. The exquisite accommodation here includes lavish rooms and magnificently decorated suites where elegancy and royalty are the main features. The marble fittings and the chandeliers on the walls with high ceilings reveals the classic look of the hotel. The antiques and rich furniture all around astonish guests at every turn. The spacious hall embellished with the gilt mirrors, rich paneling and culinary artwork creates a totally different atmosphere in this tranquil environment, where the guests can relax and experience simplicity amidst unspoiled nature.


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