Screaming Orgasms and Sex on the Beach :: Spring Break Drinks

I had my first Screaming Orgasm in a room full of strangers. And I barely remembered it. Sound familiar? Then, you might also be the victim of one of the extremely potent potables being offered in bars –– from Honolulu to San Diego and from Ft. Lauderdale to Cancun –– to unsuspecting college studients who are hitting the beaches and bars in search of a good time during Spring Break.

Drinks named “Kamikaze,” “Screaming Orgasm,” “Adios Mother F*****,” “Purple Hooters,” “Sex on the Beach,” “Appletini,” “Lemon Drop,” and the infamous “Redheaded Slut” are mixtures of several kinds of liquor, cordials, liquor, sugar, juice and more liquor. They’re all like the “Velvet Hammer” of my teen years — incredibly smooth going down, then WHAM, they hit you upside the head and you wake up with a hangover that would keep most party hardy students in bed for a while.

Read the article at SF Gate: Drinks Gone Wild.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on April 09, 2007 in Travel

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  1. Janice Nieder
    Janice Nieder says:

    Hey, who u callin’ “Redheaded Slut????
    Vagablond’s Token Redhead!

  2. Gil Zeimer
    Gil Zeimer says:

    Any resemblance to you and a Redheaded Slut is purely coincidental!

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