Savor Your Favorite Champagne in Style


Champagne, the signature drink for the elites adds to your status when served in the most expensive champagne glasses. Sounds like a dream, but has been transformed to reality by the famed designer John Calleija. Class and style is so well ingrained in his work that the champagne glasses have come out to be the ultimate pieces of art.

Can you imagine being the proud owner of $400,000 champagne glasses from the house of John Calleija? If you can then the champagne glasses displaying 1,700 white and pink diamonds are all set to dazzle your eyes and tempt you enough to make them a part of your collection.

If you are a lover of such exclusive bejeweled pieces then surely you will love the idea of owning two most expensive champagne glasses curved out of approx 8 kg quartz crystal blocks. At least 3 months work had to be done to put the pieces together.

Via: Elite Choice

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