Sauna in the Sky :: Yllas, Finland

Scandinavians take their sauna seriously. The world’s first sauna gondola has been built in the Lapland ski area of Yllas, Finland.

Doppelmayr’s sauna gondola lets skiers warm up during a 13 minute round-trip ride. Guests strip down to swimsuits in the main station and then relax in the warm cabin while it’s attached to the main ski lift and starts its journey into the cold of the Arctic Circle winter. The gondola is part of a 1.2-mile lift, the longest in Finland. The new lift also includes a VIP gondola cabin.

The sauna gondola is heated with electricity, but warm clothing and a fire extinguisher are kept on board in case of emergencies. At the top of the ride is the Yllas Fell main sauna, which can be rented for private use.

The sauna gondola can hold four people at a time or be rented for up to 12 people during a two-hour session in which guests take turns riding the gondola and relaxing in the main sauna. The combination gondola and main sauna package rents for 1,500 Euros or about $2,150 at today’s exchange rate.

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