Sail by or fly through the Caribbean sky to reach the romantic hideaway of the Biras Creek resort


Only a boat ride or a helicopter takes guests to the romantic hideaway, Biras Creek resort, which is tucked away on the northern portion of Virgin Gonda Island which is surrounded by three distinct seas. This entire waterfront resort spread over 140 acres of peninsular region, is a natural element of the island. The green hills make a perfect backdrop to the idyllic setting of the resort from where guests can have complete command over the fleeting vistas of the legendary Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Bay and the North Sound through the well maintained gardens of this island resort. In the Caribbean portion of this heavenly resort nestle 31 accommodations for guests, and each of these suites feature private balconies. The guests relax in these exquisite suites while listening to the resonance of the waves lapping and breaking on the coastline. The suites are provided with feather soft king sized beds to provide ultimate comfort to guests.


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