Royalty at its best with Passion Azteca


Pasion Azteca is the tequila if you love the metallic ambience in your party. Ley .925 proudly introduced Pasion Azteca in the market as the most expensive brand of Tequila at your disposal. Aged for almost 6 years only 66 such bottles of pure ‘blue agave tequila’ is produced. Each bottle presently costs $225,000.

These tequila bottles being the life of any party have the engravings done by Alejandro Gomez Oropeza. Passion Azteca is especially made from sap of blue agave plant, which has been aged and refined for six long years.

The bottles differ by range of gold and platinum metal content and gold and silver content. The jazzy taste of the tequila simply sets the mood on fire and renders a great evening ahead for the men in the party.

This exclusive tequila simply becomes a favorite for the parties not only as one of the most expensive brands but also because it sets you a class apart from the rest because of your choice.

Via: Pevy.vox

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