Comparing Pairings :: Which Foods Taste Best With Which Wines?

The SF Chronicle recently published a story about two dishes, six sommeliers, and 12 wines. The dishes were simple. The first was thin fillets of fresh petrale sole served with fennel, watercress and grapefruit salad. The second was Pork and Mustard Stroganoff.

The six wine experts represented some of San Francisco’s hottest, most popular restaurants, including Ana Mandara, Clementine, Chapeau, Coi, Gary Danko and Rubicon.

The 12 wines were French, South African, and American, plus there even was a Belgian Beer.

The results might surprise you as a panel of Chronicle judges, which included its Wine Editor Jon Bonné, its Executive Food and Wine Editor Michael Bauer, and its Pairings columnist Lynne Char Bennett, determined the winners.

Read the story: “Search For The Perfect Match” by Amanda Gold.

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