Romance With Wine And Food In Claridge’s


Claridge’s, positioned in the heart of London’s esteemed Mayfair region, has intended a string of elite Wine Dinners to happen all through 2009 to be attended by the exclusive wine-makers from France, Australia, South America and South Africa. All the evenings are personalized to shrewd wine aficionados and fine-dining aficionadas and are an exclusive occasion to mutually commemorate a collective fervor and take pleasure in the companionship of astonishing wine makers.

Claridge’s is distinguished as a gastronomical terminus in London, reputed for its knowledgeably preferred wine list and all-embracing champagne carte du jour, not to declare leading gastronomic dexterity. The luxurious and spacious rooms and suites of this place offers you will the ultimate comfort and pleasure.

The Wine Dinner occurrence commences at 7.00pm with inebriants and a casual prologue to the wines. Visitors will enjoy a bona fide impending into the wine-making procedure.

Dinner is dished up from 7.45pm in the debauched neighboring of the Reading Room, with its lustrous, Art Deco inspires fireplaces, outstanding leather columns, luxuriantly pillowed chairs and banquettes, and it combines well-groomed style with tranquil reassure. You get the chance to choose from a luscious menu, scrupulously crafted to flawlessly harmonize the wines.


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  1. I just spent 4 days as Claridge’s (as a guest of the hotel) and it was wonderful. The history, the attention to detail, the staff and the rooms — all pretty amazing. And the English Breakfast, served in the room where the picture in the article was taken, was an experience not to be missed.

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