Rich Dark Taste of Islay Whiskies

Do you want to indulge yourself with some great single malt scotch, then Islay in Scotland is the place you should visit at once. Book your tickets and set out to discover the place and the scotch it has to offer.

Islay whiskies taste just like rich dark earth. The smoky and robust flavor undoubtedly is because of peat. The taste is strong, bitter, and reminiscent of the radicchio of whisky. Now let’s find out about Islay. It is rocky isle, located at the south-most end Inner Hebrides island chain. The inhabitants of the island are fond of their whisky and even for their economy they depend on the single malt production.

The island has about eight distilleries and they admit people for tours. The oldest among them is the Bowmore Distillery. Here barley is malted in the traditional way and peat fire is used to dry it. This accounts for its earthy taste. To find out more about the malts, click here.

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