Relax at the Rocks Resort in Laax

Do you know how this beautiful Swiss resort of Laax was created? That happened about 10,000 years ago, with a big avalanche that is responsible for its creation. Sounds amazing? Once you visit this elegant winter resort then you will be more amazed with its beautiful landscape.

The architecture of the Rocks Resort is as stunning as the surrounding environment. Perhaps the architects got their inspiration on the natural landscapes. You will find vast stretches of great snow covered slopes just outside the resort. Can you imagine how lovely the view would be? Now if something blocked this excellent view, nothing could be worse than that! Thus, the architects covered the buildings’ facades with quartzite stone to reflect the natural scenery of the snow capped mountain.

The resort is just 90 minutes away from the Friedrichshafen or Zurich airport. You are assured to enjoy your stay in the resort, which offers 70 boutique bedrooms and 160 apartments. Find out more about the facilities here.

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