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A new quarterly magazine was announced last week. Two facts made it unique. First, Sherman’s Travel Magazine started as a Web site by, the leading site for travel deal reviews and destination advice, then became a periodical. Usually, it’s the other way around.

Second, according to the press release, “Unlike other travel magazines which either cater to readers on a shoestring budget or those willing to pay any price for luxury, Sherman’s Travel is the first magazine for the growing ranks in between: the sophisticated, value-conscious traveler who is willing to pay for an unforgettable vacation experience, but wants to make sure it’s worth the price.”

The first issue of Sherman’s Travel Magazine will include:
The Luxe List: A multi-page spread surveying the season’s top 15 luxury value deals, including pros, cons, and how to book now. Readers can also subscribe to the Luxe 15 email newsletter.
The Sweet Spot: A clever seasonal graph charting where traveling now is actually worth it, and which destinations to put off for another season. This fall’s high-value Sweet Spot destinations? South Island, New Zealand; Florence, Italy; Dubrovnik, Croatia; and Curaçao in the Dutch Caribbean.
Price Points: A comparison of one luxury vacation at three different price
options. In this issue: European river cruises.
The Perfect Trip: An in depth overview of multi-city and often multi-country trips of a lifetime. In this issue: Rio, Buenos Aries and Iguazu Falls.

Sign up now for a FREE trial issue. Read reviews: USA Today and The New York Times.

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  1. Excited to leaf through this mag. Hopefully it will be available on Canadian shelves. I certainly agree that there is gap in the so-called “middle” of the market.

    Me personally – I’m not into “backpacking”. I want style and luxury but I don’t want to blow my inheritance doing it. Lets hope the world fills budget-boutique hotels aplenty.

  2. p.s. I recently discovered another new travel mag called “anyway”. Can be found here:

    While it does seem to be focused a bit more on the high end, it’s a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Very stylish spreads, accompanied by intelligent editorial. Sort of Wallpaper meets Scientific American.

  3. Wow, looks like a great magazine. Although as a frequent reader of “Budget Travel” even the so-called budget vacation can get a bit pricey. Any magazine that offers lower priced alternatives is always a great idea though, and I will definitely check this out.

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