Question? What’s your favorite Burger?

Burgers can be found anywhere and everywhere today, so what’s your favorite.? Is it the traditional Hamburgers, made with ground beef; or is it a Tuna Burger, Salmon Burger, Veggie Burger, Tofu Burger or even a Nut-based Burger? Most commonly found in the round, in today’s world, some are served square. However, if you know of a Diamond shaped Burger, please by all means share! I have heard of the $100 Burger; but not one shaped as a Diamond. No matter, for the shape nor your choice of ingredients, will affect the fact that The Burger is a favored cuisine, and will always bring pleasure to the palate. Here’s my favorite Burger recipe, it may not cost $100, but it sure tastes like it does!

Serves 3-4 ( depends on preferred size)

1 pound lean ground beef
2 teaspoons minced garlic
2 tablespoons Worcestershire
Kosher salt and Pepper to taste
1/2 of a small red onion, thinly sliced, put aside
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 pound of mushrooms, thinly sliced
12 ounces of triple creme Brie Cheese, rind carefully removed
Handful or more of Alfalfa Sprouts
1 sliced avocado, (8 slices)
3-4 Kaiser rolls

1. Heat oil over medium heat, add the mushrooms and cook until tender, about 7-10 minutes. Put aside in small bowl or plate.
2. Mix the first 4 listed ingredients until thoroughly incorporated.
3. Make 3-4 round patties out of the meat mixture.
4. Grill or fry the patties until cooked to your liking.
5. While cooking the burgers, slice the rolls in half, and spread the cheese evenly on both sides of each roll.
6. Heat the rolls if you like in the oven or on the outer rim of the grill.
7. When burgers are through cooking, place individually onto one side of the roll, top with mushrooms, then onion slices, then sprouts. Spread the avocado slices onto the top roll, right onto the cheese, spread some mayonnaise if you like and place on top of the other ingredients. With the palm of your hand, lightly squish the top down.
8. Devour instantly!

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