Psst, Wanna buy a movie ticket for $35.00? Or have I got a nice piece of land…

If I read one more doom & gloom piece about the troubled times ahead, I’m going to throw-up.
Geeze, we get it already. Restaurants, Hotels, and Airlines are all cutting back their prices AND service and a “Stay-cation”-which calls for sticking around home, is the new black for travel.

At first glance, when I read my invitation to the press opening of the Gold Class Cinema in Redmond, Washington, (that’s Microsoft’s nabe), I almost dropped my teeth when I found out that the price of a Saturday night movie ticket is $35.00! The chain is just starting to open state-side, but they have about twenty others throughout Australia, Singapore and Greece, where they have proved to be a huge success with moviegoers who have discovered a new way to relax, be entertained and socialize.

No sticky floors, jockeying for arm rests, or nibbling on stale popcorn allowed at the Gold Class. Instead you are styled-out from the second you arrive (complimentary valet parking), to when you snuggle into your ultra-comfy reclining armchair all ready to watch the first -run feature film from a super-wide screen, (there are 7 screening rooms and the largest has only 40 seats-all good ones) after enjoying a varied selection of appetizers and a glass of wine (choose from over 100 bottles) at their designer private lounge. Cold? Push the button located on your armrest and they’ll bring you a blanket. Getting hungry in the middle of the movie? The call button sunmmons your personal waiter who will slip in and take your whispered order from a wide range of gourmet finger food and drinks.

The executive chef’s marching orders were to prepare a menu of scrumptious “Eye’s Up” food–items that could be eaten w/o silverware while watching the movie. Just a few of the items we tried were Teriyaki Chicken Skewers, Vertical Spears of Romaine Caesar Salad, Wagyu Baby Burgers, and Creme Brulee spoons. Not only was everything quite tasty but it even better because we were eating in the dark, all cozied up. As a matter of fact, the whole pampering experience provides one big guilty pleasure that’s worth every penny. Although you might not be able to afford a first-class air ticket, you probably can still splurge for a first-class screening experience.

Gold Class Cinema’s are available for private screenings– perfect for a grown-up birthday party–or corporate events, and offer a variety of food, wine and viewing packages.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the new James Bond film there — it’s on my list of November things to do!

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