Presenting To You Reishee Sowa’s Spiral Island


A heaven on earth, that is how you will feel when you experience the pleasure at ‘Reishee Sowa’s Spiral Island’. This private built and maintained exclusively by Reishee Sowa is a paradise amidst the sea. The vegetation seemingly natural and tropical is actually brought into life by spiraling pop bottles. This dream was brought to life by Reishee Sowa with his friend and Puerto Aventuras proudly boasts of its precious possession.

Reishee Sowa’s dream of a better world and a beautiful place brought this vision into reality. An approximate number of 250,000 pop bottles went into the making of this gaudy island.

The musician in Reishee found a new expression of his thoughts and tunes in this island and it took him literally six and half years to realize this dream of a paradise on earth. He strengthened his dreams as he built his home with one guest room and a deck to add to his dream. You will be amazed to know that the spiraling pop bottles form the base of this exclusive island’s base.

Via: playamayanews

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