Pine Creek Vineyards and Cabernet Sauvignon

The special 2006 Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon by Mondavi is popular wine because it has many special properties. It is full-bodied but has a soft as well as pleasant flavor profile at the same time. Prevalent with fragrance of plums, blackberries, and cassis, the taste too is set out by sweet vanilla oak from the barrels and the ripe tannins. The same casks retained the wine for several months. The finish is very luxuriant and you will be happy that it lingers for a while.

For this wine, you get the grapes from the vineyard named as Pine Creek. This vineyard provides a cooler climate that adds to the rich flavor of the dark and tiny berries that are used. The final wine gets a good structure because of these grapes. The grapes get more time prior to the time of harvesting because of the cooler months from August to September.


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