Pimp My Suite: The Palms Hotel, Las Vegas

For years, I’ve visited one of the first themed room hotels: The Madonna Inn in Pismo Beach, CA. Now, of course, there are a plethora of art themed hotels throughout the world. Disney World in Florida has a resort to fit any budget and taste. But none of these is as extravagant, innovative or interesting as The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, where you can “Stop dreaming and start living” for a few thousand bucks a night.

In keeping with the larger-than-lux-life that is Vegas, its extra large suites let your fantasies run wild. You can choose from more than a dozen pimped out suites, including:
• The King Pin Suite with its own bowling alley with music videos playing on plasma screens.
• The Erotic Suite with fur-lining, rotating bed and mirrored ceiling –– Kinky, baby… kinky!
• The Hardwood Suite lets you feed your jock itch by dribbling all night on your own basketball court.
• The Crib Suite lets you cut a CD in the DJ booth.
• And the Playpen Suite has Dancer Poles, etc., so it’s perfect for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties.

[Via TheCoolHunter.net.]

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