Petrus: a popular name in the world of well bred red wine


Collectors crave for it, connoisseurs hoard it and wine lovers adore it; even one of the renowned chefs, Gordon Ramsay named one of his restaurants after Petrus, a legendary name in the domain of exclusive wines. In 1982, a set of 12 wine bottles of Petrus’ bred red wine sold for £60,000, and a 1995 bottle is available for £1,250. The magic touch in this wine comes from the gentle slope of Pomerol. The Petrus winery is humble and compact with plain glass lined and concrete tanks to blend and prepare their elite wines. The grapes for the wines are pressed in a camp located in the outer portion of the main winery. Their 2010 is tight, bright with a sweet essence, and the concentration is really smooth with a sprinkle of spice. At Petrus, there is a simple bond between the soils, the place, the wine and the people, making this one of the most sought after wines in the market.


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