Feedback Book: Pentagram Design Group, San Francisco

feedback book pentagram design groupA few years ago, I had the pleasure to meet the founder of San Francisco’s Pentagram Design Group while we were both judging an advertising awards show in Sonoma County. She was one of the most artistic and talented people I’ve ever known.

Now, the 8th edition of Feedback, a worldwide guidebook from Pentagram, is available with travel tips from an exclusive set of creative artists. It includes such esoterica as the best ice cream in Cincinnati (and other cities), the best wine shop in Estonia, stuff like that. But it excels with its straight text listings of hotels and such with the absence of travel advice.

If you’re a Pentagram client in SF, London, New York, Austin or Berlin, you can get the book for free. If not, try emailing the world-renowned design firm at [email protected] and ask for one, though they might ask you to pay $20.


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