Costly Cocktail – A Millionaire’s Mint Julep: Kentucky Derby

My brother’s been to the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. He said it was a great race. But mostly, it’s a fantastic party with lots of boozing amid the well haba- dashered crowd. After all, Derby participants usually buy about 90,000 Mint Juleps.

At this year’s 132nd Run for the Roses, you can spend $1,000 for a Mint Julep and the money goes to rescue retired thoroughbred horses. This special julep is made with one of the state’s finest bourbons (at up to $75 a bottle), ice from the Arctic Circle, mint from Morocco, sugar from the South Pacific, and it’s served in a 24-carat gold-plated cup with a silver straw. But only the first 50 people at today’s race will get bragging rights for the thousand-buck blend.


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