Oy Vey! Such a Deal on Jewish Travel Guides

Vagablond can’t necessarily get if for you wholesale, but if you want to find a Jewish museum in Rio, kosher pizza in Sao Paulo, a monument to Golda Meir in Montevideo, or kosher tacos in Mexico City, check out “A Travel Guide to the Jewish Caribbean & South America” by Ben G. Frank.

Like your Bubbe’s kishka, it’s stuffed with appetizing info on restaurants, museums, synagogues dating back to 1640 (the first in the Western Hemisphere was in Recife, Brazil, by the way), specialized tours, and much more.

Cost is $25 retail. But you can get it for $16.45 with just $2.19 for shipping at RufusBooks.com. Here,
you can also get your hands on “A Travel Guide to Jewish Russia & Ukraine” and “A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe.”

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