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I’ve heard about two massage therapists working on you at the same time, but we all know good things come in threes! Just reading the description of this treatment loosens the knots in my muscles! Just what you need after spending a hard day at your private villa (which includes a privatein infinity swimming pool, teak pool deck, open-to-the moonlight shower in a private courtyard, access to luxury motor yachts and two golf courses, a private white sand beach and tennis courts.

Trisara villa guests can receive the ‘Royal’ Treatment At Trisara Spa with their
Royal Trisara, a three-therapist, six-hand treatment combining Thai, Swedish and Ayurvedic massage techniques with a Thai herbal hot compress for complete relaxation.

The Royal Trisara begins with a foot scrub using the finest lemongrass essential oil. After the three therapists gently place their hands on the back to settle the body’s energy, a gentle Thai massage begins at the feet and shoulders, all hands working in harmony. Next, a Thai herbal hot compress is applied to specific areas to ease stress and strain. As muscles relax, a combination of Thai and Swedish massage strokes are used with nutritious organic jojoba oil. Various long strokes and acupressure using six hands, forearms and elbows are delivered in orchestrated rhythm.

The treatment finishes with warm coconut oil poured slowly over the forehead, with one therapist gently massaging the scalp and neck as the other two apply Thai oil massage to the feet.
The 90-minute treatment is 15,000 Thai Baht, or about $475 (exclusive of tax & service charge).

About Trisara
Trisara overlooks a private bay on the Andaman Sea, 12.5 minutes from Phuket International Airport on the undeveloped northwestern coast of the island.

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