Nips and Tucks for Fewer Bucks: Medical Tourism

If the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, does a rhinosplasty in India or France mean you’ll pay less through the nose? Sometime soon, someone you know will travel abroad for a medical procedure that is becoming more and more expensive state-side.

It could be a heart bypass that costs $100K in the US or Canada, but about $33K in France or just $7K in India. Or it could a hip replacement worth $40K in North America, yet just $15K in France or an unbelievably low $5.8K in India. Whatever the procedure, “you can bet better stuff done overseas,” says Guy Esberg of San Anselmo, CA.

Read today’s story in the Marin Independent Journal.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on May 07, 2006 in Travel

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